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Barb Forgach Marketing

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Barb Forgach, a marketing expert with over two decades of experience, recently created our new website! She discovers how your business is unique and turns that into a successful marketing campaign. Barb’s distinctive perspective and inventive ideas will take your brand to the next level. Working closely with her has been a wonderful experience and we highly recommend Barb Forgach Marketing to grow your business.

Ellen K. Fishbein

Attorney at Law | Vienna, VA
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Organizations & Operation
  • Nonprofit Formation
  • Governance and
  • Compliance

Is it time to review your estate plan?
“If your family situation is changing it is important to have your estate plan reviewed or created. An important goal of an estate plan will be to identify and change beneficiary designations to avoid, to the extent possible, the amount of assets that will be subject to probate, which is a costly and time-consuming process.”


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